What Happens To My Music If I Cancel Deezer?

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Although it is common for people to cancel Deezer Music, the service doesn’t always have a clear cut answer. First and foremost, it depends on each individual’s situation. In general, though, Deezer will still send you your music if you cancel without giving any specific notice. However, in some cases your tracks may not be included in future releases or you may not be able to access them at all. If you cancel Deezer, your music may go offline and you may not be able to access it.

This can happen in different ways, depending on your device and account. If you’re not sure whether your music is affected, check the status of your account on Deezer’s website or call customer service. If you cancel Deezer, your music is still stored on the service and can be found through its Usage Guidelines. If you want to reinstall your music, it will have to be downloaded again and/or uploaded to a different account.

Additionally, any ad-supported content that was on your account will be removed as well. If you cancel Deezer, your music might be gone forever. The streaming service has a strict no refund policy if users don’t receive their music back within 14 days. In some cases, the music might be auctioned off to charity or given away to fans who win contests. If you cancel Deezer, your music is automatically removed from your account and may not be re-downloaded or streamed again for a period of 6 months.

If you do not want your music to be removed, you can save it to an external storage device or create a new account with Deezer. If you cancel Deezer, your music will be removed from your account and you may not be able to access it. If you have any of the following items, they may affect your account: an active Deezer subscription, a Deezer account with a credit card, or a Deezer premium membership. If you have any of these items, please contact us so we can help rectify the situation.

How often do I need to sign in to Deezer in order to use my music?

If you cancel Deezer, your music might be removed from the service. This could happen if you don’t have the agreed-upon usage agreement in place or if your account is inactive for a certain number of days. If this happens, Deezer may also delete any songs that you’ve already added to your playlist. In some cases, this could leave you without any music at all.

Can I get refunds on albums that

When someone cancels their Deezer account, their music is not affected. However, if someone has an Deezer subscription through a linked account, the songs they have in that account are still available and can be streamed as usual. If someone has an Deezer account through an app or website, any songs they have added to that account will also continue to be available and can be streamed as usual.

How to keep your music collection safe and intact if Deezer launches a premium cancellation service

If you cancel your Deezer account, your music will be gone forever. However, there are a few ways to store and access your music if you have an account with the streaming service. If you have a DRM-free file that you can keep, you can try to play it back on an emulator or device. If you purchase individual songs from Deezer, you can also keep them as long as they’re not encrypted and don’t contain any copyrighted material.

How to cancel your subscription for free with this tip sheet

If you cancel Deezer, your music will still be available on the website but it may not be as up-to-date as it once was. The most common reason for cancelling Deezer is because you don’t have enough credit, but if you have a large library of music, this can also be a problem. If your account is cancelled for any other reason, all of your songs and albums will be deleted and you’ll need to re-download them.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Deezer

If you have an account with Deezer, your music will still be stored and accessible. However, if you cancel your account, all of your songs will be deleted and you will not be able to access them again until you sign in or create a new account.


How many Favourite tracks can you have on Deezer?

Deezer offers a free plan with no limits on how many songs you can add to your playlists. The paid plans include a Premium Plan for $9.99/month and a Family Plan for $14.99/month, both of which allow you to create up to 100 playlists each, as well as download 25 hours of music per month.

Why do albums disappear from Deezer?

There are a number of reasons why albums may disappear from Deezer. Albums may be removed from the service due to copyright infringement, or the album may have been deleted by the artist.

How do I get my Deezer 3 months free?

To get your 3 months of free Deezer, all you need to do is sign up for a new account with the promo code “DEEZER3MONTHS”

How do I recover my Deezer account?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to recover your Deezer account. If you believe this is an error on our end, please contact us at deezer-support@deezer.com and we will be happy to help you.

How do I get my music on Deezer?

Deezer is a music streaming service that offers a wide range of music from different genres. You can sign up for a free account on Deezer and listen to their radio stations, or you can add your own MP3s to the app.

Where is Deezer offline music stored?

Deezer is an online music service that offers offline playback. The offline music is stored on your computer or mobile device.

Is Deezer better than Spotify?

Deezer is a music streaming service that offers a free and paid version. The free version is ad-supported, while the paid version is ad-free. Spotify offers a free and paid version as well, but it does not offer an ad-supported option.
The two services have different approaches to pricing: Spotify charges $9.99 per month for its premium service or $4.99 for its basic service, while Deezer charges $9.

What happens when your Deezer free trial ends?

Your Deezer free trial will end after the first six months. You can continue using the service for $9.99 per month, or you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can you listen to music offline on Deezer without premium?

Yes, you can listen to music offline on Deezer without premium. You need to be connected to the internet when you are using the app for the first time. After that, you can disconnect and continue listening offline.

Can I download and keep music from Deezer?

Yes, you can download and keep the music from Deezer. You can also download and keep the music from other streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.


Canceling Deezer Music can be a difficult decision. Sometimes, people may have to factor in their personal situation and decide if the service is best for them. However, depending on the individual, Deezer Music may still be the best option for them.

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