Victoria's Secret Hulu doc explores Jeffrey Epstein Les Wexner ties The biggest revelations

Victoria's Secret's reputation is being scrutinized once again this time in a new Hulu documentary series following years of criticism

An exploration of the lingerie brand's rise and fall as well as Leslie Wexner's ties to late financier Jeffrey Epstein is featured in Victoria's Secret Angels

It has been alleged that Epstein falsely posed as a modeling recruiter for Victoria's Secret in order to sexually assault aspiring models in the show

When model and actress Alicia Arden met Epstein in 1997 under the guise of being a modeling recruiter she had recently landed a role in Baywatch

In the Hulu documentary she said I have a vast portfolio but I think one thing is missing the Victoria's Secret catalog

At a meeting in Epstein's hotel room in Santa Monica California Arden said Epstein undressed her and groped her buttocks

According to her she reported the incident to the police as sexual battery