Miriam Margolyes has not forgiven Arnold Schwarzenegger for farting on her face

Despite being a charismatic national treasure Miriam Margolyes has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger once farted in her face deliberately

Margolyes who co starred with Hasselhoff in the horror movie End of Days in 1999 explained in his trademark manner

He was actually quite rude to me He farted in my face Now I fart all the time but I never do it in people's faces

Her next statement was I was playing Satan's sister and he was killing me so he put me in a position where I couldn't escape

His fart wasn't caught on film it happened during a pause but I haven't forgiven him

She has previously spoken about becoming more left wing as she gets older which seems contrary to the norm

Her appearance on The Last Leg led to some controversy after she admitted she had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die  after he was hospitalized with Covid 19