Chester Bennington’s widow marks 5 years since Linkin Park star’s tragic death as she recalls last kiss

In the five years since Chester Bennington's death his widow Talinda Bennington has remembered him

His fans bandmates friends and family were devastated by his suicide on July 20 2017 when he was 41 years old

With his incredible vocal abilities Bennington led Linkin Park to worldwide fame as well as Dead By Sunrise Grey Daze and Stone Temple Pilots

Talinda Bentley and the star have been inseparable since their wedding in 2006 the couple shares snippets of their lives online with their three children

In a heartbreaking video Talinda reflects on the five years since her husband died

A clip posted to TikTok shows Talinda sitting in a sunlit garden listening to Dead By Sunrise's Give Me Your Name

A message appears on Talinda's screen Sitting here thinking about how long it has been since I kissed your sweet face goodbye five years ago