Top 5 Hottest Wives of Indian Cricket Team Players

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Cricket is a beloved sport in many countries, and the players who represent their nations on the cricket pitch are often treated as heroes. However, behind every successful cricketer, there is a strong and supportive partner who stands by their side, helping them to achieve their dreams.

In this regard, the wifes of cricketers play an essential role in their success, providing the necessary support and encouragement throughout their careers.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 wives of cricketers who have played a significant role in their husbands’ success and have become role models for many young women.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma is a popular Indian actress and producer in Bollywood, who is married to Virat Kohli. She has starred alongside various famous actors and her captivating performances have left a lasting impression on the audience. Her acting skills have won her a separate fan base and she is highly respected in the entertainment industry.

Natasha Stankovic

Natasha Stankovic is a talented dancer, model and actress from Serbia, who is currently based in Mumbai. After dating for some time, she tied the knot with the famous Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. Natasha made her debut in the Bollywood industry and also appeared in the reality show Bigg Boss 8. She has made a name for herself in the Indian entertainment industry and is loved by many fans.

Sanjana Ganeshan

Sanjana Ganeshan is a popular TV host and presenter, and she is married to the talented Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah. Before her career in television, Sanjana briefly dabbled in modelling and even participated in a few beauty pageants, where she managed to make it to the finals. Jasprit and Sanjana tied the knot on 15th March 2021, and their wedding was highly anticipated by their fans. Together, the couple makes a beautiful pair and is loved by many.

Ritika Sajdeh

Ritika Sajdeh is a professional sports manager who has worked with Cornerstone Sports and Entertainment after graduating. She is married to the talented Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma, whom she had been dating for 6 years. Currently, Ritika is busy managing her husband’s tours and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Her expertise in sports management has helped her husband achieve great success in his career, and the couple is admired by many.

Dipika Pallikal

Dipika Pallikal, a renowned squash player, is married to the talented Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik. Dipika has achieved great success in her career, becoming the first Indian to feature in the top 10 World Rankings by Professional Squash Association. She has won many other titles and accolades throughout her illustrious career. Dipika’s achievements in squash have made her a role model for many aspiring athletes in India, and she is highly respected in the sports community.


The wifes of cricketers often go unnoticed despite their significant contributions to their husbands’ success. From supporting them through thick and thin to managing their professional careers, these women play a pivotal role in the lives of their partners. The top 5 wives of cricketers mentioned in this article, namely Anushka Sharma, Natasha Stankovic, Sanjana Ganeshan, Ritika Sajdeh, and Dipika Pallikal, have not only provided unwavering support to their husbands but have also established themselves as successful professionals in their respective fields. They are an inspiration to many young women and a reminder of the important role that a partner plays in the success of an individual.

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