How To Destroy Frog In Candy Crush 704 – Best Tips

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If you’re looking to destroy frogs in Candy Crush 704, there are a few things you can do. First, use the frog Destroyer ability. Next, use the frog bomb ability to blow up frogs. Finally, try using the frog shooter to shoot them all away.

The Orcs are a new enemy in Candy Crush Saga. They are the traditional enemies that you have encountered before like the Spider and the Zombie, however they have some special abilities that make them more difficult to defeat than those enemies.

What are the steps required to destroy a frog in Candy Crush?

A. Collect all the candy and move to a different screen.

B. Place all the candy on the same screen.

C. Place all the candies on a screen that has a frog in it.

D. Place all the candy on one screen and then destroy the frog.

How to Destroy a Frog in Candy Crush

There are a few ways to destroy frogs in Candy Crush. One way is to use the fire move. Another way is to use the ice move. The third way is to try and cross the river using the boat.

The fourth way is to use the candy crush balls. The fifth way is to use the matchlock gun. The sixth way is to use the fire extinguisher. The seventh way is to use the shovel.

The eighth way is to just run away. The ninth way is to use the ice cream. The tenth way is to use the fire extinguisher.

The Hints and Tips for destroying frogs in Candy Crush

If you want to destroy frogs in candy Crush, there are a few tips that you can follow. First, be sure to clear all of the obstacles in your way so that the frogs cannot cross. Secondly, make sure to crush as many of the frogs as possible with your attacks. Finally, if you have time, try to generate more lines and shapes to create even more points for yourself.

If the game is played with a phone, then the phone will be used as a flashlight. As a result, it can be difficult to see the screen. This also makes it easier for you to lose your phone because you cannot see the screen properly.

If you have a flashlight, then the best way to play Candy Crush is to use it to help you remember the moves of the game because you will be unable to see the screen properly. You can play Candy Crush on your desktop, laptop and mobile phone by using a game pad.

How to Save the Frogs in Candy Crush

There are a few ways to save the frogs in candy Crush. The first way is to have fewer moves and try to make as many combos as possible. The next way is to use a and make as many combinations as you can.

Finally, the last way is to use the plunger and push all of the frogs into one spot. If you like this game, you can also check out our Candy Crush part.


How do you beat the candy frog on level 704?

If you are playing Candy Crush 704, and you see a frog spawn in one of the obstacles, it is time to start thinking about ways to defeat him. One way to do this is by using your own strategy and planning. The next time you see a frog spawn, think about what you can do to prevent him from spawning. For example, if you are at the bottom of the food pile, put some candy Crush stimulants on top of it so that he cannot escape.

How do you defeat the frog in Candy Crush?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to defeat a frog in Candy Crush will vary depending on the game and the character you are playing as. However, some tips on how to take out a frog in the game include using a strategy, earning bonus points, and avoiding its moves.

How do you use the candy frog?

If you’re looking for a fun way to destroy frogs in candy crush 704, there are a few options. One is to use the plunger, which can be very effective. Another is to use the chopstick, which is faster and easier but not as strong. Finally, you can also use a pot or pan with hot water and soap, which will kill the frog quickly.

How do you clear a board with a frog?

There are a few different ways to clear a board with a frog. One way is to use an extinguisher. Another way is to use a plunger.


The frogs in candy crush 704 are a common enemy, but they can also be easy to defeat. Here are some tips to help you crush them quickly and easily:

1. Start by trapping the frogs in bubbles or other strategical devices.

2. Use your Candy Crush skills to make quick and efficient moves to knockout the frogs.

3. Keep an eye on the frog health bars; if they start to decrease too much, it’s time to move on to another frog!

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